Tom Schenk, owner of Chippewa River Custom Rod Company, first learned how to make custom fishing rods when he was twelve. He fished (A LOT), so it was a suiting and practical endeavor. He custom built fishing rods and fished until joining the Army Rangers, 3rd Battalion from 1989 to 1993. No surprise, when he got back to St. Paul, MN, Tom got right back to building rods and fishing.

In 2002, realizing the city life wasn't for him, he headed off to Northern Wisconsin, stopping at the junction of the Chippewa and Flambeau rivers--the heart of musky country. He found himself owning a small tavern and building custom fishing rods.

Tom's true joy and craft is making beautiful custom fishing rods. Especially custom fishing rods exactly how people ask them to be made. Should you ever hold a Chippewa River Custom Rod in your hand and cast away, you'll understand the difference between 'manufactured' and 'crafted'.

Mon-Sat 12pm-7:00pm
Holcombe, WI
3 Year Limited Warranty
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